Friday, December 02, 2005

Them's what I call "ass-kickin' boots"!

Just for you Tony, I did Robin next. So ENOUGH of your wiley ninja tricks! *ducks* Just one more character to go, then I can piece it all together, make a cool abstract BG, and then I'm DONE. Next I'll probably start on the family portrait commissions that Steven's friend asked me to do.

OOOH! Best thing in the world! I keep forgetting my family sent me some left over Halloween treats from Heather's swag! And it's awesome because I always forget I have it just until the point where I muuust have chocolate, then I remember and I have chocolate!

Ahh, life is sweet. But now I'm tired and I wanna get up early-ish tommorrow to go see what the mailman tried to deliver because they ALWAYS SHOW UP WHEN I'M IN THE SHOWER AND CAN'T HEAR THE DOOR! *wheeze wheeze*