Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Do you reeeeeeaaaally like it??"

Oooh man, I've been watching the Ren and Stimpy dvds Rod leant me like crazy over the past few days (cuz he's leaving soon and I'd better return them before he does). There's some nutty stuff in there I hadn't seen before (i loooved the cowboy/horse theif one and the Powder Toast man short) along with the classics (my favourites that my dad showed me when I was a kid) like Cousin Sven, Space Madness, the Army One... The Happy Helmet... Good whacky fun. I love the style of John K.'s lady characters, I'd love to see more of that kind of thing too.

Uuuuhm... what else. OSAP starts collecting today. Whoo. Aaaand... tommorrow's pay day! *cheers* I suppose I should get to bed PRONTO because I promised myself I'd go to Kick Boxing tommorrow, and I've been such a lazy bastard this past week.

Nite all!