Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I like absent minded doodling, just putting the pen to paper and moving it and see what happens. What I draw is usually influenced by the music I'm listening to on the lil pink ipod, if I'm not listening to music then it's anyone's guess what I'm gonna sketch next... usually the guys in my quad. WHOO! "Sheridanc Quad!..... and Marcel!"


I suppose I'd better finish off all the rest of the illustrations on my to do list. But first I'd beter do the dishes because they're shutting the water off in our building AGAIN tommorrow. Hope I don't cut myself on that carving knife again... the thing has a taste for my bloooood!

A whole jubilee of sketches, and below is my creepy page!

This is Mister Barth and his extremely proper sitting posture. :P