Saturday, September 30, 2006

Luna doing that stupid cat thing

Just another Sailor Moon doodle. Though "Potato Farm Girl" has the funniest damn Luna design ever. You can check out the rest of her blog by clicking on her name in my "other" links.

mercury has stoopid powers

My sister's been watching the original japanese sailor moon dvds, and I couldn't help getting nostalgic seeing those short skirted crazy teens running around on screen. I was such a massive Sailor Moon fan back when it came out... I'dve been the same age Heather is now! Oy! I wish they had the american version on dvd though... die-hard fans will hate me for saying this but I prefer the colour touchups and the voices and the music in the version that was released here. Some of the.. okay, ALL of the music makes me cringe in the original japanese version. But yah! Hurray for the days of yore... and Mercury has always been my favourite senshi... even though she has the stupidist pose and the stupidest powers... somehow I was able to relate to her... or maybe I'm just a fan of all things blue.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shrub Monkeys #27

**click title link for full view**
I was kinda sick the day before this was due for uploading on girlamatic, and promised to colour it when I got the chance... but when I started doing so today I went "baaaaah, forget that." Shrub Monkeys is supposed to be quick and experimental anyway, and slapping blue on top aint gonna make the strip read 200% clearer...... ok, fine, you got me, I'm just being lazy......

I wanna vacation...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shrub Monkeys #26

If it opens too small, click the title link and it'll take you to the Girlamatic site. Oh, and a note to all you self-proffessed bakers, never think that by substituting ingrediants with things that SEEM similar that'll you'll get anything close to tasty... I can't remember all the things I ad-libbed when I made brownies a couple years ago, but I can still remember how AWFUL they tasted.

And the Oscar goes to... moi?

Hmm! Apparently Caillou season 3 (first show I ever worked on) won some kinda award for best canadian animated tv series production. How about that? You proud of me yet, mum? Just kiddin', o' course you are...

Click the title link to check out the the AWN article (in case you wanna confirm I'm not making all this up).

Friday, September 15, 2006

Simply Potterific #24

New Potter comic! Click on the title link to see the whole thing.

I don't have too much to say today, so instead I'll do a lil' show and tell.

Movie recommendation of the week: Idiocracy (go see now, it's a real fun movie... kinda scary too as it's a look at where our society miiiiiight be heading, but still really funny!)

My absolute favourite artist today: This guy did concept art for the Harry Potter movies, the new Star Wars, and some awesome Willy Wonka concept art amongst other projects. Go! Get inspired!

Have a good weekend y'all! Looks like I'm gonna be doing alot of cleaning around the house... oh, and checking out the local abandoned renaissance faire grounds! Wee!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Did the first two during some quiet time at work. I drew mah doggy down at the bottom there, she used to splay out all over the kitchen floor and her Gene Simmons like tongue was sooo hilarious.

Mermaid art tag at ... check it ouuuuut!

Shrub Monkeys #25

Changed the template a bit, got tired of all that green considering blue is more of my favourite colour anyway... well, actually pink is, but if I post on a bright pink blog all the boys might run away.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Belated Boluda Birthday

T'was Lucia's birthday two weeks ago! I miss you Lu!!!! But not the mate, ja ja ja!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Who wants to put their shoes on? Not me, my friend.

It's official! Shrub Monkeys just launched today as a part of the line up at You can check out the press release here:
The past few days have been incredible. For one, it was my birthday thursday , now I'm 23, and I got to see Monty Python's Spamalot which is BRILLIANT, a must see. Hilarious. Friday I went to see Video Games Live, the symphony orchestrated event, with my siblings, and it was beautiful. The big screen with awesome clips, the lighting on the musicians, the giant froger game, the INSANE piano playing dude who could play mario theme songs at top speed BLIND-FOLDED! Oh! It was too much! So good! Another "must see." Sunday I went to the comic expo with Steven and Heather, and bumped into a bunch of friends there. It was alot of fun and I've decided to finally get my act together and set up a table for next year! So... now I have to put stuff together for it ... ack! Well, it's a year away, most deadlines considered that's not bad at all. But still, as Steven can attest I tend to procrastinate aLOT when it comes to my own work. Ah well.

Some pics from the convention:

A bunch of ruffians we ran into.

Steven hanging with his new buddy and doing something unordinary... wearing glasses.