Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ehehe... yeaaaah. Just a quicky I put together for a contest on Deviantart... though lord knows there's so many more crucial things I should be doing right now. It's pinup artist Joe Chiodo's Treva and her love for furs...
I'm only gonna post the thumbnail here for people offended by humans in their natural (albiet ridiculously over endowed) state of nekid-ness, but to see the full view click on the title link.

Monday, May 29, 2006

H.e.s n' Zell

A quicky for my adorable lil sis who's totally in luuuuuurv with the gollum/shaman/swordsman Zelgadis from the Slayers anime. Man, Slayers is one of my absolute favs, it is sooooo dang funny (though it can switch to deadly serious within the span of an episode)... but that's also why I love it! Keeps you on yer toes...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh such colourful hair!

My brother and creative partner Shagster hosted a voice acting panel at Anime North recently, and one of the activities was to have the audience participate in voice acting for various character architypes found in anime (like the school bully who has big hair and looks like he's 30, the b*tch aunt who begrudgingly takes care of the main character after their "good for nothing parents passed away", the pretty boy villain, the annoying magic side kick, the sexy villainess, etc etc). So it was of course my job to design all 20 characters (and I'm getting a Nintendo DS as payment, muahahaha!)My absolute favourite design is the wizard... I wanna use him for something...

**if the blogger link doesn't open, or if the image is too small, click on the title link and check it out on my deviant art account... I don't really have a spot for this on my website...**

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It is your destiny...

A marriage gift for my uncle Christopher and his wife Rebecca, who both love Star Wars and camping.

...I definetly need to keep practicing with characatures...

Monday, May 08, 2006


Man, this was a spur of the moment thing, and there's probalby a million things I should've done instead (ie/ work, or commissions) but as soon as I sat at my art desk, this sassy bikini-clad alien babe popped into my brain and I couldn't sleep till I got her outta there.
Lum, or Uretsi... Ureetsi... forget it I can't remember how it's spelled, LUM was one of the first anime me, my dad and Shagster got into back in the mid 90s when anime was starting to break out big into North America. And even though I saw many more various anime afterwards, none can beat this one for its pure wacky zany-ness. She kind of brings to mind Betty Page now that I look at the final piece... I can't wait to see that movie.

..... and YEAH I gave her a big bum, DEAL WITH IT!

p.s. Argh... I just realised she has a weird man neck... and no real pelvis just a butt coming off her waste... and a broken shoulder... AAAAAUGH I need to go back to life drawing!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Home Ottawa

I've got to admit, I'm in love with Ottawa. It got a little harsh over the winter but now that green is in abundance, and the honey smell of (a certain tree that I have no idea what its called) is in the air, and the tulips are poppin' up like daisys... well I'm in love all over again. Especially with where I live. The appartment is okaaay and the street is kinda grubby, and there's aLOT of chain-smoking teen moms and creepy street guys, but I love it all the same. Especially if you walk down the side streets and see the more established old neighbourhoods, the houses have so much character. That kind of brings me to the point I'm getting at:
I've a huge passion for houses, I love all the different shapes and colours, nicknacks and pattywacks, even when they're falling apart they hold so much asthetic appeal to me! What I really wanted to do was spend time sketching the ones I like most, but I can't really capture what I see on paper too well yet, and a snap shot is much faster than if I sit on the side walk and doodle (where the home owner is BOUND to spot me). So I'm collecting photo reference (I also want to base a comic I'm writing here) but I'm hitting a kind of questionable area here where I'm wondering if taking pictures of people's homes is a kind of violation of privacy. Though it's not like I'm looking in the windows or hassling their pets. I keep the photos for my own record, (but if I were to show them I'd blot out the number and street sign). It doesn't seem any worse to me than sketching people on the bus, but even then I get nervous (if the person spots me I get all worried I'm going to be confronted... but most of my artistic friends do it all the time).
Ah well, I'll cross that bridge if and when I get jumped by a home owner, til' then I'll just keep appreciating the best source material out there: real life.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Commission #3

Here's the commission I've been working on for Flavie for the past couple days: her and Draco Malfoy (the Harry Potter series' resident snooty, self-absorbed, so-and-so). Yay Slytherin! :D

Uuuuuugh I'm hungry. OOH but I stashed GOOD during free comic book day! Grabbed one of everything! ... even stuff I'm pretty sure I won't read... but I'm a sucker for freebees!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Gaawwr... sure hope I get that Toronto job... feels a bit lonelier up in Ottawa already.
But on a happier note, tommorrow is free comic book day! Woooo!