Friday, May 26, 2006

Oh such colourful hair!

My brother and creative partner Shagster hosted a voice acting panel at Anime North recently, and one of the activities was to have the audience participate in voice acting for various character architypes found in anime (like the school bully who has big hair and looks like he's 30, the b*tch aunt who begrudgingly takes care of the main character after their "good for nothing parents passed away", the pretty boy villain, the annoying magic side kick, the sexy villainess, etc etc). So it was of course my job to design all 20 characters (and I'm getting a Nintendo DS as payment, muahahaha!)My absolute favourite design is the wizard... I wanna use him for something...

**if the blogger link doesn't open, or if the image is too small, click on the title link and check it out on my deviant art account... I don't really have a spot for this on my website...**