Saturday, September 30, 2006

mercury has stoopid powers

My sister's been watching the original japanese sailor moon dvds, and I couldn't help getting nostalgic seeing those short skirted crazy teens running around on screen. I was such a massive Sailor Moon fan back when it came out... I'dve been the same age Heather is now! Oy! I wish they had the american version on dvd though... die-hard fans will hate me for saying this but I prefer the colour touchups and the voices and the music in the version that was released here. Some of the.. okay, ALL of the music makes me cringe in the original japanese version. But yah! Hurray for the days of yore... and Mercury has always been my favourite senshi... even though she has the stupidist pose and the stupidest powers... somehow I was able to relate to her... or maybe I'm just a fan of all things blue.