Friday, December 16, 2005

Cut! Print! That's a rap!

Done and DONE! I've finished Peter's family characature portrait! WOOOOO! The prints turned out awesome (I love my printer, she's such a sexy, sexy beast) and tommorrow I'll try to trudge through the snowy tundra that is Ottawa to get to the post office so I can mail these suckers a.s.a.p.
Seriously though, you see the size of snow clumps blowing around? I live on the 11th floor and those fluffs are as big as eyeballs!
So I feel a lot less stressed, but in need of a HUGE massage *oh Adriana I'm missing you so dearly right this moment!* And now I've only two more illustrations to try and finish before home time... well three if you count the sexy pinup I promised Shawn... maybe four if you count the ninja-tag I promised Tony ... ehehehe... I'LL GET ON IT! YES! But, LATER! First sleep. Or reading in bed, I'm finally reading the biography/picture book of J.W Waterhouse that I picked up this summer at the Ottawa Art Gallary. I love his work, definetly amongst my top 5 favourite artists!

~ KT