Tuesday, November 29, 2005

UGH! So I bugged the fine help-line people at Bell Sympatico once again, and they gave me the internet version of "let's see here... OH MY GOD!" and I'm even more frusterated over my BLOODY STUPID INTERNET! *pant pant* I can't check hotmail, msn, gmail, my bank account, student loans... basically anything with a secure setting. The last help-line guy left off telling me to go to microsoft and update EVERYTHING but when I went to do that the net wouldn't let me open the page properly....


Anyhoo, the drawing above is a sketch I did to give Steven a reason to smile during this work heavy week of his, maybe if I stare at it long enough my net woes will go away too.

Trying to save space on my computer, I backed up everything with the intent of deleting files that weren't too critical, but when I went through the sheridan photos I couldn't delete ANY of them! (they're all backed up on cd but i couldn't take them off my computer). So many memories, I laughed so many times! Ahh, how I miss the good all days. *happy sigh*

OOH! And another thing, *puts on hick voice* mah boy Gerry, wen' 'n got 'imself a bran' new blog. Take a look-see o'er at http://www.gduchemin.blogspot.com/