Sunday, November 27, 2005

This pic's part of a larger illustration I'm working on for a certain special little sister, so MOM AND STEVEN if you're reading this don't show Heather, it's a surprise! Seriously though, the Teen Titans cartoon is soooooo cute.
The weekend's been pretty good, played this awesome fun game called "Cranium" over at Gerry's which is like charades/pictionary/sculpty fun/smart stuff/word-fun, and HILARITY did ensue!
It snowed over the weekend which was nice but it's been raining all evening and the roads and sidewalks are all slick and creepy with ice. We have to walk so carefully, even in my giant boots I almost slipped twice.

Alrighty! That's about it! Cheerio all! Ooh, and my listening reccomendation for the week is Dane Cook: Retaliation, the guy is soooo durn funny!