Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things that made me smile today: I had a nice long phone call wil Lucia after work. Almost down to only the wick on a beautiful vanilla scented candle that I've lit every night for the past few weeks. Marcel's adorable dog Fredrick almost licked the skin right off my hand, it made me remember my sweet Dusty who passed away last May.
I think Tony may have started a dinner-trend because now I have this overwhelming urge to capture my culinary attempts on film... or digital hoo-haw... whatever a digital camera takes. Pixels! That's it.

First up is the VERY FIRST all-on-my-own dinner I made a couple months back, chicken spaghetti, you may laugh at the simpleness but I was so excited to cut the meat (well, Andrea helped) and boil the noodles all on my own (yes, I've lived a sheltered existance.)

This here is a salmon fillet I made two days ago. Very tasty, I don't even remember what spices are on it (I just added whatever Andrea gave me) and the carrots on top are from her mother's recipe. VERY tasty, though I kind of overcooked it.

It's been 6 months but I'm only now truley realising I love our appartment. I'm slowly adding touches to my room that make me happy which include the pink stars Gerry helped me put up, and the funky quilt I bought at Ikea with Lucia.

Last of all, yes I have been drawing, just not much more than doodles. But here's another one of my Simply Potterific comics I make to amuse myself and my brother, which are actually pretty popular down at deviant art! Which is a good ol' confidence boost!

I've been listening to a lot of Iron and Wine lately. I find them so calming. Not that I'm the most stressed out person in the world, but we all have our bad days.