Monday, January 30, 2006


Corpse Bride's namesake is such a stunningly beautiful character and I'd been meaning to do an illustration of her for quite a while. This is also an attempt to spruce up my tablet skills but I fear the clean up is going to take foreeeeever because I'm used to doing it on paper where I can shift it for easier wrist manuvers. Ah well.
In other news I'm stuffed to the brim with all-u-can-eat chicken wings (i ate 19, beating Justin and possibly Mike and Tony, though Marcel beat me by about 5... uuuurgh, I can't do that too often).

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Simply Potterific #14

Oh man, I have so much fun doing these. Arr, but blogger seems to keep shrinking them. Ah well, you can always check it out at its source:

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chau for now, Boluda!

I love you Lu!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Online Portfolio Update

I've revamped my online portfolio (linked to's home page), given it an actual "closet-space" design and got rid of all the clutter; I had so much on it before, I wasn't listening to the age old proverb "Less is more." But now it's all tidy and neat... I just havent put any of my animation up yet, ehehhe. That's tommorrow's job.


Mini Me!

In respose to Lu's post quite a while ago about us all posting up kids picks of ourselves, here's lil ol' me. Kid's pictures crack me up because while I can look at anyone's baby photo and pretty much recognize that it's THEM as a child, I can't really recognize myself at all. It's like we have albums of my family but I'm not in them, this goofy blond kid is.... with 60's lady hair as Gerry has repetedly pointed out. -___-

In more current affairs I am on my last can of soup. After this my only sources of food will be a soon-expired squeeze bottle of miracle whip, a dry block of cheese, and a tin of shotrbread cookies that I cannot touch because my grandma gave them to me to give to my great aunts who live here in Ottawa. Work's been awesome, I blasted past quota and had a lot of fun chill-time with my work buddies.

So... yeah! Soups on!

(Here's a younger one, it's a kind of prophetic photo as I spent my highschool summers parttime-jobbing by cleaning residences at Uof T... it's like I KNEW it was gonna happen!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shrub Monkeys #18

As always, all Shrub Monkeys strips are autobiographical, which means 15% percent truth and 100% fiction. I love the freedom of slapping down rough sketches for these comics without even worrying about clean up.
If for some reason internet explorer is being a putz and making these SMALLER than I intended, which it tends to do, today's strip is also posted here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simply Potterific

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hilarity ensues!

Shagster (or Shaggy, as people call him... me, I just call him Steven) is finally finished his anime parody dub "Orgus Intergalactic Space Crap"!!! For those of you staring at the screen blankly, it's a re-edit, re-voiced, re-casted, re-plotted version of a hoooorible 1980s space anime that we bought at blockbusters for $1. The plot is simple and silly, the dialogue Steven's usual tongue-in-cheek cleverness, the edited sfx and music AWESOME, plucking tunes from Saturday Night Fever, Princess Mononoke, Last Exile and Star Wars to name a few. He did such a good job with this I highly reccommend anyone looking for half an hour of entertainment (yes, 1/2 hr) to download it and check it out. The file's 70 meg, so if you're unsure whether you want to bother downloading, check out the sample clip Steven provided of a particularily ridiculous scene.
Voices done by Steven, me and Selena.

Friday, January 06, 2006

It's been an incredible holiday, lots of fun things, plenty of rest, saw a whole bunch of wonderful friends, and spent every day with my family whom I love so very much! So, having my holiday-fill I'm looking forward to starting work again rather than the expected "aaaaw MAN I wish it were still the holidays!" I did get a little emotional on parting with my family who all came to see me off at Union in Toronto... but that was partly the fault of the Narnia soundtrack I was listening to, song #2 brings me to tears every time, it's the score with all the children having to leave WWII London to go live in the country. But, here I am back in my comfortable little appartment and... there are SO MANY THINGS I HAVE TO DO NOW! AUGH!!!

Also, here's the completed Teen Titan illustration I gave to my lil sis for Christmas... she loved it!

And also another christmas card/water colour attempt.