Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hilarity ensues!

Shagster (or Shaggy, as people call him... me, I just call him Steven) is finally finished his anime parody dub "Orgus Intergalactic Space Crap"!!! For those of you staring at the screen blankly, it's a re-edit, re-voiced, re-casted, re-plotted version of a hoooorible 1980s space anime that we bought at blockbusters for $1. The plot is simple and silly, the dialogue Steven's usual tongue-in-cheek cleverness, the edited sfx and music AWESOME, plucking tunes from Saturday Night Fever, Princess Mononoke, Last Exile and Star Wars to name a few. He did such a good job with this I highly reccommend anyone looking for half an hour of entertainment (yes, 1/2 hr) to download it and check it out. The file's 70 meg, so if you're unsure whether you want to bother downloading, check out the sample clip Steven provided of a particularily ridiculous scene.
Voices done by Steven, me and Selena.