Friday, January 13, 2006

Mini Me!

In respose to Lu's post quite a while ago about us all posting up kids picks of ourselves, here's lil ol' me. Kid's pictures crack me up because while I can look at anyone's baby photo and pretty much recognize that it's THEM as a child, I can't really recognize myself at all. It's like we have albums of my family but I'm not in them, this goofy blond kid is.... with 60's lady hair as Gerry has repetedly pointed out. -___-

In more current affairs I am on my last can of soup. After this my only sources of food will be a soon-expired squeeze bottle of miracle whip, a dry block of cheese, and a tin of shotrbread cookies that I cannot touch because my grandma gave them to me to give to my great aunts who live here in Ottawa. Work's been awesome, I blasted past quota and had a lot of fun chill-time with my work buddies.

So... yeah! Soups on!

(Here's a younger one, it's a kind of prophetic photo as I spent my highschool summers parttime-jobbing by cleaning residences at Uof T... it's like I KNEW it was gonna happen!)