Friday, January 06, 2006

It's been an incredible holiday, lots of fun things, plenty of rest, saw a whole bunch of wonderful friends, and spent every day with my family whom I love so very much! So, having my holiday-fill I'm looking forward to starting work again rather than the expected "aaaaw MAN I wish it were still the holidays!" I did get a little emotional on parting with my family who all came to see me off at Union in Toronto... but that was partly the fault of the Narnia soundtrack I was listening to, song #2 brings me to tears every time, it's the score with all the children having to leave WWII London to go live in the country. But, here I am back in my comfortable little appartment and... there are SO MANY THINGS I HAVE TO DO NOW! AUGH!!!

Also, here's the completed Teen Titan illustration I gave to my lil sis for Christmas... she loved it!

And also another christmas card/water colour attempt.