Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bernard's planning a short film project and I've been invited to join the team, so I'm pretty hyped for that. I find my intentions are always pure when it comes to art, but unless I've got someone giving me direction or deadlines or some sense of "do this now!" I can sit day dreaming forever. Then I wake up, reaise I'm 22 and finished school and not even CLOSE to achieving all those creative goals I set way back in highschool, maybe even grade school! There was something a stranger had said to me on the street (he creeped me out when he first approached me but the value of what he had to say soon overcame the creepyness), he told me the problem with young people is a lot of us aren't confident enough to begin achieving our goals, that we're inhibited by misplaced perceptions we place on ourselves that we're too young and inexperienced to create anything. He said people need to realise we have EVERYTHING in us RIGHT NOW to beable to create, we just need to realise this.
We just need to see it.
Speaking of "seeing" here's a pic I scrounged up of me and Lucia outside the Ottawa Art Gallary back around Canada Day, wha hee!

~ KT

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Animation Festival was really good and there were some amazing films (my favourite will eventually be seen at It felt good to be able to connect with other animators on a similar level rather than having the "I'm just a student" status.... not that there's anything wrong with that! It's just there seemed to be more to talk about and relate to this time around. So the PLAN is, the plan, the plan... IS, to get around to finishing my film. Within the year *fingers crossed.*
Oh! And I just finished the sketchbook I started last year 2nd semester, YES! Now for a clean start!

Here are some doodles from the last page.

And here's an old one, done in photoshop. I wish I'd spent more time on it to get the skirt to actually LOOK like fabric, but I had to move on to other things.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy Autumnal Exinox! This has always been my favourite season. And the days are getting better with the kick off of the animation festival, and BEST of all is Lucia's come to stay with me and Andrea for the week. Fun times galore! Though not much sleep.
~ KT

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Warming up the ol' sketch hand.
It's been a long time since I've used pencil crayons, but I went and bought a pack at Wallacks the other day to try and get back into them. This is a quick sketch of a dress I saw on Ebay (I'm DANGEROUSLY close to buying a renaissance peasent dress and a civil war era gown from there... getting a credit card has unleashed my inner material demons.) I like the feel of pencil crayons, but it's always irked me that colouring over erased pencil marks leaves a pale kind of back trace line that I can't get rid of unless I lightly colour through the groove with a darker shade. It's all a learning process.

Monday, September 19, 2005

As has been politely pointed out by Bernard, I smell... oh, and I don't update NEARLY as much as I should. And the horrible aweful horrible (did I say horrible?) truth is that I don't draw NEARLY as much anymore. Yes, there's the "job" excuse, but that really is just an excuse isn't it? The only creative stuff I've been doing lately are the Shrub Monkey comics I've been making to amuse my brother and creative partner Steven. And the normal sketches and doodles that fill up my books but I don't feel like going through the back-breaking effort of picking up the book, turning on the scanner, scanning the pages... oh god, it's too much to even think about! Anyhoo, here's a quick sketch I did for Gerry (you'll know him from Bernard's postings, Bernard draws him ALL the time). And I'll be spending the next few days before the Animation Film Festival updating my website design. It's now and no longer procrast-effects, folks. I've dubbed it closet-space because that's the name of the first original comic I put together back when I was 15, and NO, no-one who's not related to me is allowed to see it!
~ KT