Monday, September 19, 2005

As has been politely pointed out by Bernard, I smell... oh, and I don't update NEARLY as much as I should. And the horrible aweful horrible (did I say horrible?) truth is that I don't draw NEARLY as much anymore. Yes, there's the "job" excuse, but that really is just an excuse isn't it? The only creative stuff I've been doing lately are the Shrub Monkey comics I've been making to amuse my brother and creative partner Steven. And the normal sketches and doodles that fill up my books but I don't feel like going through the back-breaking effort of picking up the book, turning on the scanner, scanning the pages... oh god, it's too much to even think about! Anyhoo, here's a quick sketch I did for Gerry (you'll know him from Bernard's postings, Bernard draws him ALL the time). And I'll be spending the next few days before the Animation Film Festival updating my website design. It's now and no longer procrast-effects, folks. I've dubbed it closet-space because that's the name of the first original comic I put together back when I was 15, and NO, no-one who's not related to me is allowed to see it!
~ KT