Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bernard's planning a short film project and I've been invited to join the team, so I'm pretty hyped for that. I find my intentions are always pure when it comes to art, but unless I've got someone giving me direction or deadlines or some sense of "do this now!" I can sit day dreaming forever. Then I wake up, reaise I'm 22 and finished school and not even CLOSE to achieving all those creative goals I set way back in highschool, maybe even grade school! There was something a stranger had said to me on the street (he creeped me out when he first approached me but the value of what he had to say soon overcame the creepyness), he told me the problem with young people is a lot of us aren't confident enough to begin achieving our goals, that we're inhibited by misplaced perceptions we place on ourselves that we're too young and inexperienced to create anything. He said people need to realise we have EVERYTHING in us RIGHT NOW to beable to create, we just need to realise this.
We just need to see it.
Speaking of "seeing" here's a pic I scrounged up of me and Lucia outside the Ottawa Art Gallary back around Canada Day, wha hee!

~ KT