Monday, March 26, 2007

Shrub Monkeys #43, #44 and other!

Back from an AWESOME trip to Ottawa, here's a bunch of posts!

New Shrub Monkeys #43 can be seen over at Girlamatic. I don't like posting them here in full because it always gives away the punchline.

(So I go ahead and post in full anyways...) Shrub Monkeys #44 can be full viewed on my deviant art page by clicking: here! I'm running a fun little contest and some super wonderful fans are participating! Check out there entries on my DA journal: here!

OBVIOUSLY I didn't draw this, it's from the Golden Book exibit going on at Disney World. The illustrations are so lovely I wish I could see them in person, but as that is an impossibility at the moment, I can enjoy them through the photographs that Potato Farm Girl has so lovingly displayed on her blog. View them: here!