Thursday, January 04, 2007

Playing with trias

Okaaay, I'm not extatic with the way this turned out (and the scan isn't fantastic) but I believe no piece is a failure as long as you learn from it. What I've learned: tria on top of blue pencil = NOT good. I'd hoped it'd cover up the parts I couldn't quite erase, instead it gave the picture a dirty look. Secondly... I have nooo clue how to work lighting and tone on skin. So I think I'll be focusing on that for the next little while.
After using photoshop for so long, it was a bit frenzied (but also fun!) working with trias again, as there's no undue button and I have to work fast if I want colours to blend.

A note about the subject matter: This is Mian Toris from the manga Caravan Kid, which was one of the first manga graphic novel's I've read, along side the Adam Warren Dirty Pair books. I'm on a huge nastolgia trip here folks, so bear with me as my various colour and medium dapplings will all star anime/manga, cartoon and comic heroines from my past. (If I have no clue for subject I default to pinups)

... I don't know why there's a huge green jelly bean chasing her... that's just life, I guess.