Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Simply Potterific #22

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I'd never really found the name "Hogwarts" to be at all odd until I read the Goblet of Fire. Here you had the Durmstrang school show up, full of strong, serious young men, then the Beauxbaton school, with it's lovely gifted ladies... both school names reflecting its students......then there's "Hogwarts"... like... hosting what, smelly fat kids with skin bumps? Geeze! Not an entirely flattering name! Which is how me and Shagster came about this lil' comic. I don't know if the British system calls its elementary school system "elementary school" or something else, but I figure this way keeps it clear for most people. Also, the bgs and uniform designs I stole shamelessly from google, so if they look familiar (or if you happened to wear one as a child) it's no strange coincidence.