Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween everybody! ooOOOOooo! After getting the greatest scare of my life from Tony and Mike Barth a couple nihgt ago, I'm all pumped up on adrenalin and energy to update this blog! Ha.

This here is a silly little piece of fluff in tribute to all those other cartoony girl pinups out there. While I had fun with the simple colouring, this one was a pain because I decided to colour ontop the rough sketch rather than ink it clean and then colour... because I liked the original drawing and didn't want to go through the meticulous clean-up-process. The result is: it takes LONGER to colour, nigh impossible to clean after colouring and an obvious lack of the polished look you get with an inked drawing. BAH! I'm buying pens first thing tommorrow.

Also, I think I might treat myself to a new tablet this christmas, mine's lasted a good three years but it's all scuffed and a little too small which gives me crazy finger cramps. *looks devious* Though they have very nice tablets at work...

~ KT (I'm a princess for halloween! even though a guy at work told me only little girls and transvestite men can be "princesses." BAH.)